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Laser Eye Surgery Costs

By Hanna Nilson


The price of vision - Of course laser eye surgery costs depend on the provider and the type of treatment, but one thingís for sure, it isnít cheap!

Itís easy to find bargain ads for cheap LASIK or any other refractive laser eye operation. Donít be fooled! Laser eye surgery is a complex procedure that uses high-tech equipment to handle a wide variety of eye corrective needs. This doesnít mean that you wonít be able to find a good deal. However, things such as the type of treatments or equipment used to operate can make a substantial different in the laser eye surgery costs. Also, it is standard practice to assume laser eye surgery costs per each eye. For this reason, surgery fees will apply accordingly.

You may find it useful to do some pricing research. For your reference, you may want to consider visiting some of the sites listed below. Some good resources for finding average laser eye surgery costs are: As listed below, this all-inclusive website reports some valuable information about eye treatments, procedures and standard laser eye surgery costs. For 2008, the LASIK eye surgery costs are listed as:

  • $2,105 for all laser-based vision correction procedures in which a single price is quoted.
  • $1,662 for non-customized LASIK using a bladed instrument or microkeratome and excimer lasers that are not guided by wavefront analysis.
  • $2,341 for wavefront-guided LASIK using IntraLase. This site emphasizes laser eye surgery costs per location or region. This information might be useful for someone who lives in either a comparatively rural or urban area within the US. This may also be a good reference for anyone comparing laser eye surgery costs internationally. A basic but informative site, Eye Surgery Place is an information center which can provide you with some fundamental information including; eye surgery news, reviews and links. There is even some introductory content for cosmetic laser eye surgery. While not a priority among eye correction procedures, if you are looking for a cosmetic alternative for your eyes, this could be a good place to start.

When exploring laser eye surgery costs; keep in mind that it is a very competitive industry, which has been struggling with the recent lack of demand. This means that prices may have gone up. So, explore your options and once youíve narrowed down your choices, talk to a professional for a diagnostic consultation. During your consultation, donít be afraid to ask a lot of questions on issues such as the variety of recommended treatments, the equipment which may be used for the laser or non-laser eye procedure, or the probability of a follow-up surgery. All of the former will figure into the end results for your eye surgery costs. In any market, the informed customer or buyer is more likely to make the safer and cheaper investment. As they say, your eyes are the window to your soul. So, remember that the more you know about the surgical procedures and cost; the better capable you will be of determining your treatment and cost preference.


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