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Laser Eye Operation Risks

By now you may be well aware what a Laser Eye surgery exactly does to your eye and what is the right age to go for a laser surgery. You might still be skeptical with the laser eye operation because this is a question of your eye, your sole hope for vision.

Every surgery involves some amount of risk. In laser eye surgery the chances of having a serious vision threatening complication are very low but you need to be cautious. You have to bear complete responsibility for the outcomes of an eye surgery when you opt for it. There are some laser eye surgery risks where people have lost their eyesight or have a lifelong blurred vision as an after effect of a laser eye surgery but they seldom occur. There are no written records of any such mishaps.

Surgeries cannot have a 100% risk free guarantee. Some doctors might be giving a fool proof guarantee but that would not be true. Another laser eye surgery facts are that the concept has just come up in the past decade and its long term effects are still not known completely.

Although a laser eye operation must provide you with a 20/20 vision, in most cases it might not be extremely accurate. A number of surgeons are working out a surgery with highest precision possible but the results vary from patient to patient.

Laser surgery can have side effects that could either long last or are temporary. Temporary laser eye surgery side effects such as eyes being sensitive to light, seeing halos around lights, dry eyes causing itchiness and at times having difficulty seeing at night or in dim light. In halo effect the pupil enlarges and a second faded image is produced by the untreated peripheral cornea. This could largely bother while night driving for patients who have undergone PRK or LASIK.

Both PRK and LASIK have a very little possibility of causing infection in the cornea followed by a surgery. An infection can cause restlessness and extend the healing time of the surgery.

Every patient shows varied effects after a surgery. You may need to go in for a second procedure if your vision is not yet sharp or make use of corrective lenses for a couple of months till the time your eyes are totally recovered. For older patients, both nearsightedness and myopia cannot be cured at the same time. They will have to make use of eyeglasses for reading purposes until myopia is treated through another surgery. There is also likely problem with getting surgery done for both the eyes. Since both cannot be operated at one time, the time period between the two surgeries can cause certain discomfort in vision. Till the time your second eye is operated you will have to make use of lenses for that eye or working would become strenuous till the time you have them operated.


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